13 August 2011


We're moving to another country. My current dilemma: what to pack?

I'm reviewing Nina Garcia's "essential staples":
  1. The Little Black Dress. I'll try to bring three (or maybe four?).
  2. A classic men's white shirt. It's been tough for me to maintain whites. I don't think I have the patience para karirin. So I'll probably bring black and blue versions of this. Pasaway.
  3. Cashmere cardigan or turtleneck. Just light cardigans. We're moving to hot and humid Singapore.
  4. A trench coat. I have to choose only one: black or beige?
  5. Denim. I'm thinking of bringing four -- a straight cut, a wide leg, a skinny, a black denim.
  6. A man's classic watch.
  7. Diamonds. Yey, items 6 and 7 are easy to bring / pack.
  8. Ballet flats. I must control myself and bring just two pairs -- black and blush.
  9. A classic high-heel pump. I plan to just buy a pair there. My current pair looks too worn out.
  10. A great bag. I'm planning to bring five. Yikes.

Obviously, I need more than these ten. I need my running gear, my church dresses, my sleep wear, my lounge wear, my undergarments, more shoes (?), etc. And we haven't even started on my toiletries, hair tools, gadgets. WAHHH!

Good luck to my 30K baggage limit!
Photo credit: articles.nydailynews.com

And what about everything else I leave behind? First, which ones do I leave behind? I'm thinking of selling items. And flying the rest via courier. Breathe. Those are next on my long To Do list. First things first.

Any tips?

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