24 April 2011


Five days to the Royal Wedding and we're flooded by images of past royal wedding gowns. Of course, Princess Diana's tops every one else's in terms of air time. The dress made by David and Elizabeth Emanuel is fit for royalty and is so very '80s (It was 1981, Honey!).

Seeing it over and over these days is getting me really O.C. (obsessive compulsive) -- "Why did they allow it to get so crumpled?!!!" Arg.

Me thinking out loud: Could this be a classic example of how important a Stylist is? Especially on a wedding day? Especially for royalty?

If the designers are unable to consider the size/space of the bride's coach, the Stylist could have focused on such details. Wala pa bang Royal Stylist noon? Or did someone fail to do her/his job?

Is this what Pinoys call "gusot-mayaman"?

How it should be.
Above: Princess Diana's taffeta-drenched piece of royal history, in all its 25-foot-train glory, was at The Today Show last month (Photo from The Windsor Knot.com). No crumpling! No creases! Pwede naman pala!

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