22 March 2011


As a fashion styling student, my level of interest on the works of Designer / Super Stylist Patricia Field has a reached another level. Now, I'm MORE in awe. I wonder if Manila can have its own version of a "Sex & The City-Patricia Field" collaboration (calling all TV networks & stylists). Someday soon?

From my SATC books...

Sex and The City: What began as a whimsical and necessary asset to an already strong series has evolved into a style bible so trendsetting that its influence can be seen all over the country (a flower on the lapel, Ray Ban aviators, nameplate necklace, etc.)

Patricia Field: "I'm here to entertain. The show is not a documentary. Its success is that it elevates itself a bit above reality."

On PF's eclectic costume decisions: "Sometimes we have to explain our choices because it hasn't been seen before. But that's how you get it to look special. If you just put the expected there, then it's not going to have that panache."

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