04 March 2011


Diane Kruger for Glamour March 2011

I enjoy answering Glamour's "We Asked Our Staffers" Qs.

March 2011 Q: What 3 Things are Making You Happy Right Now?

My List:
(1) No alarm clock days (they come so rare in my life!) like today, 05 March 2011.
(2) The Today Show.
(3) Collaborating with Hubby on School Projects. I'm attending Fashion School, he's taking Photography Workshops.

Some of the Glamour Staffers' answers:

Celine. Bourbon. Diptyque. - Susan

Glitter. Sushi. Caramel. - Ranya

Fries. Flats. Pregnancy. - Lauren

Champagne. Cake. Birthday! - Jessica

Afrobeat. Scrabble. Vintage. - Danielle

Laughing. Weekends. Sleep. - Melissa

Brunch. Glee. Pinkberry. - Sarah

Husband. Prosciutto. Amaretti. - Christina

Bicycles. T-shirts. Shopbop. - Melissa

Fiance. Baking. StairMaster. - Brian

What are on your list? =)


  1. hi..

    i saw a post on taipei shopping on ur blog. The places sounded interesting and I would like to know where are they.

    Do you mind sharing the address of the place mentioned?

    my email: yin2110@yahoo.com

  2. Hi WeiYin!

    There's a lot of malls in the Taipei 101 area (Xinyi district). There's also a lot of shopping in the Daan area (including the 24-hour Eslite Bookstore branch).

    But I really had fun in the night markets. We stayed in the Ximen Area / Wanhua District. The night markets are made up of long stretches of shops, you won't run out of options there. =)

    The popular Shilin Night Market was just OK. I had more options in the Ximen Area (take Exit 6 from the Train Station to get to the shopping area).

    As for the shop called Net, it's found everywhere. =) Including the Ximen night market.

    Have fun!