05 February 2012


I've always dreamed of bedhead hair -- I love the effortless, soft-curls, gulu-guluhan pero magandang look. Read about my 2010 entry here

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Bedhead Bombshells

I've tried learning from the online tutorials (ang galing nila sa tools!), considered digital perm (but my hair is still not healthy and long enough), and tried other DIY, chemical-free techniques (braiding, cut-off sock buns - have you seen those online?). My observation: Practice makes perfect. Pero iba talaga ang kamay ng pro. The irony: touch-ups are necessary for this supposed effortless look (high maintenance pala!). 

Below's my recent attempt at DIY curls. Total curling time: around 20 minutes. 10-seconds per section, temperature at level 10 (maximum on my iron is 15). I made it real quick as I was too scared to burn my hair!
Hair we go again! Lol.

Before and After, below.
Left: My hair at 6pm. May curls naman, kahit paano.
Right: My hair by midnight, after a dinner date. Bagsak na even with the supposed maximum-hold hairspray.
Before - After

My tools: Vidal Sassoon ceramic curling iron, Finesse maximum-hold hairspray, clip (for partitions) and comb.

My best bet may be Alex Carbonell's soft set curls. I love how it turned out for Daphne Paez. Another to-do on our next Manila vacay?

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