15 January 2011


From Preview's Jan/Feb 2011 issue...

Local Tinseltown's Top Stylist Liz Uy
(I think it's the first time that a Stylist
and not a Model / Actress made it to the cover.)

"Oh, how long I've waited for this! You cannot imagine how many times I prayed for this day to come. When I started at Preview ten years ago, there weren't very many people who were interested in fashion, let alone knew what a stylist was. A career in fashion journalism was certainly unheard of... It wasn't something you thought of as a career. I felt the wind shift roughly five years later at a Super! event, when it hit me that little girls had begun saying, 'When I grow up, I wanna be a fashion editor.'

The Internet, along with the high street shops, has done a lot to spark this new interest in fashion from a public that's had its fill of jeans and tees.

There's a whole new generation out there who's never known the fun of dressing to the nines. Now is the time to make the most of it." -- The Fashion Bandwagon by Pauline Juan, EIC, Preview magazine

Me: As a "student of style" (as stated in my blog profile), I'm excited with how fashion is evolving in Manila. We're still far from being Tokyo or Hong Kong or Paris or New York but we're now seeing more fashion-forward choices. I'm one with Preview's celebration of this evolution! Cheers to Pinoy fashionistas!

The article's so timely and personal for me since I'm attending fashion school very soon! Too excited! I'm heeding Pauline's call to "Climb aboard because fashion is now in fashion!"

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