02 January 2012


From Glamour's "We Asked Our Staffers" January 2012 issue --

How Are You Already Excellent?

Some of their answers:

  • I go for my goals. In 2011 I bought an apartment, started a fab job at Glamour!, and got my motorcycle license. - KT
  • I started a weekly dinner club with girlfriends. We cook together and trade stories over vino. - EM
  • I'm proud of myself for sticking to my workout routine: ballet-barre-based exercise classes three times a week. JC
  • I switched to earth-friendly cleaning products. No more chemicals, and my lavender-scented home smells lovely. - JG
  • I raised more than $3,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by competing in the NYC triathlon last summer. - KK

OK, Ladies, let's give ourselves some pat on the back. What are on your list?

Here's mine:
  • 2011 was a year of making my dreams come true. Didn't wait for anyone to make them happen. I pursued them myself! (A) I enrolled in Fashion School; (B) I left my comfort zone to follow my heart, and try living in a foreign country; (C) Been enjoying a career break, my longest vacation ever!
  • Spent money on experiences rather than on things. Pursuing Dreams A, B, and C meant saving enough. Took me almost two years to reach my goal amount. Proud to have done it. 
  • My credit card balance has been negative for the past six months. Yes, it's better than zero. Negative siya! Sila pa may utang sa akin, hehe. I plan to keep this up by using it less pa lalo (actually, halos di na siya nagagamit - I'm so behaved!), and always paying in full or a little more. 
  • Made time for the family. Proud of my priorities. 
  • Said no to a job promotion that didn't feel right. Proud of my life principles. 
  • Took to heart Steve Job's "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." quip. I went beyond quoting the speech. Ginawa ko talaga. *big smile*

Wishing everyone a fabulous, glamorous New Year!

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