22 January 2011


To welcome the New Year, I had my hair colored, from black to mahogany. Did it on January 2, before the new year's work week started. The new hair color's supposed to mark all the new things I'm looking forward to this year.

Me with my mostly black-haired office sisters.
Photo by Rene Mejia

It was my very first professional hair color experience. My Mama used to be the one who helped me do it at home (our last DIY coloring experience was ten years ago). With her living in another country now, I headed to the pros -- to Piandre, Trinoma.

The entire process took 2 hours, including the quick eyebrow dye (but of course, dapat pantay ang color ng hair and eyebrows). Mahogany was recommended by Piandre's Senior Stylist (Thank you, Rosalie. Hope I got your name right). We did a patch test 48 hours before th actual coloring. I'm allergic to certain foods so I really had to take the patch test, just to be sure. Fortunately, I had no allergic reaction to the dye. So it was all green and go. Cost: Php2,500.

I'm on the pale side (aka maputla) so the color helped brighten up my complexion. I'm happy to have once again tried something new. Hooray for all risk takers!

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