05 March 2012


I needed a trim. And I wanted to experience using these "cheap" haircut machines. I've been seeing them all around Singapore. So I took the chance one weekend.

I went to the neighborhood mall, placed SGD10 (around Php350) on the machine, got my ticket and waited for my turn. When my number finally appeared on the marquee, I handed my ticket to a lady. She showed me to my seat. And asked, in Singlish, what I wanted. I said, "Just a trim. Around two inches off..." Then she started cutting. No shampoo service. I panicked, "How will she know if pantay kung hindi basa hair ko?!"  But I didn't dare complain. Natakot ako sa gunting. Lol.

My thought balloon the entire time, "If you wanted pampering, you should have gone to the 'starts at SGD100' salons." So I sat quietly throughout the cut, trying to be optimistic, "Baka ganun sila kagaling? Hindi na kailangan mag-shampoo or basain ang hair."

After the cut, straight lang naman, another surprise -- no blow drying too! Good thing I just asked for a basic trim. No hair styling required. But to this day I wonder, "Pantay ba? Parang hindi..."

Ganun ba talaga ang SGD10 haircut? Or I can get better service in other branches?

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