08 February 2011


Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe's one of the Fashion Stylists I admire (loved how she was able to build her name into a brand!).

Here are some words of wisdom from her book, "A to Zoe," that may prove useful if I do pursue a career in Styling --

1) "Life is too short not to take risks. To glam it up!"

2) A good stylist is a Master of Illusion. Color proportion and even your attitude can make all the difference.

3) What's important: For clients to become more aware of themselves. A Stylist is not there to enforce her point of view but to point clients in the direction of their dreams.

4) The best part of creating style: it's not permanent. It can be changed. Tweaked. Re-created. It all begins with dreaming.

5) Style is more about your eye than your bank account.

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